Welcome to my blog, where I serve up the Treasures that are stored up in the Word of God……

The Lord invaded my life 42 years ago. And it’s been a life of heights, and valley’s, sorrow’s plentiful, false brethren plentiful, as a babe in Christ, learned “Doctrine of Demons”, involved with cults, and every Apostate church system you can imagine. I am unmarried, a eunuch for the Lord. I was rejected by parents, raised in sexual abuse from mother, and friends of parents.
Lived a life of sexual perversions, loss of personal identity through gender confusion. And yet, the Lord came and invaded by Life by granting me the Grace to see, and the ears to hear, granting me repentance unto Salvation…….He is the only true Lover of my soul. He desire’s each of His Children to realize that there is NO ONE or nothing on this earth that can take His Place. Jesus Christ desires each of
us to be One with Him, and nothing else.
I Praise His Precious and Glorious name,
Son_2:5 Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love.