Yesterday.. — johncoyote

So pretty Please walk with me, please talk with me. Allow our hearts to become one. I want my hand holding your hand and I want you to hear you sing, sweet love words to me, forever and a day. I told you often. You are so pretty, so beautiful and so wonderful. You would […]

Yesterday.. — johncoyote

A Fellow Blogger posted this yesterday, and it moved me, especially with one of my favored singers from the 60’s, Andy Williams, who’s voice is like “melted butter”, soothing to the nerves and soul. And his songs were all so romantic

I chided my fellow blogger “johncoyote” for causing me to be “verklempt”, meaning I was melting emotionally, because you see, though I am a happily single, never married, no children kind of man, I am a big Romantic and sensitive WUSS……and his posting did it to me! His choice of music with his moving poetry was just………something so good I asked if I could share it, so other’s may get familiar with his talents.

As my Heavenly Father states, “Give honor where honor is due”. So I am honoring the talents of my fellow Blogger “johncoyote”…..who’s name by the way reminds me of the old TV series known as “Bonanza”….some kind of rough and tough Cowboy!

So my dear readers enjoy….and have a good old fashion…..cry session, I know I did……and I let him know it! Have a great day everyone. Be safe…….Lord bless you all.

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