Oh…. Sweet and Bitter Tree.

I ran across this writing, which I had quickly written down on a piece of scrap paper, back in 1998 in Canada.  It was a wonderful time of growing in the knowledge of my Lord and my relationship to Him. 
I would get many meditative thoughts, which I would write down, either in my daily diaries, or on a scrap piece of paper, as these thoughts would come at any given time.  Therefore, I hope this blesses you as it does me when I reread these blessed sweet thoughts.

“Oh how lonely it must have been for the Lord to be

 Upon that “old rugged cross.” 

Oh how shameful, oh… how sorrowful,

The creator of the universe forsaken and despised!

Oh my sweet Jesus, how you suffered

For the likes of me. 

Oh…. Calvary,

Oh sweet and bitter tree,

 How one so Loving, Gentle and Righteously Divine…

Was hung on thee for me.” cw ’98

I thank the Lord that I saved as many of these writings as I could, due to moving so frequently after I departed from Montreal.  To be able to come across these written thoughts and relive them all again is a wonderful way to remember how much our Lord has done for me, for all of us. 

With much love to all, the Lord bless you.

A brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

2 thoughts on “Oh…. Sweet and Bitter Tree.

  1. It’s amazing when we keep journals, mine go back to 1998, with some on my computer going back further yet. When I reread them I discover such treasures that I never fully understood until later!
    Our Lord is so good. Thanks for reading and commenting……Lord bless you….

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