The Melancholic Cavern….a poem written by Stuart from his blog….. “Perditus”.

I desire to honor this man’s poem, because it spoke to the heart of me concerning the many dark moments, or “deep valley’s of the shadow of death” which we, as believers will go through, and we must go through them, if we are to grow stronger in our Faith and Trust in our Lord. His poem struck a cord, because I have walked in many of the valley’s of the “Shadow of death”. For me the Lord needed to take me through these times of depression to bring forth the dark and hidden destructive scares of sexual abuse suffered at the hands of my mother, and my parents friends. I find it so refreshing that we who are Hide in Christ, may express the many experiences that our life has tossed us into. Because hopefully in the end, the Lord shall shine victorious, if we be truly the Lord’s child, born of His Spirit, according to His Perfect Will and choosing.
So at the end of the poem, please click on the link and make a comment and show this man support for his articulate artistry…..

Thank you, and the Lord bless you!

The raging noise

rapid white water thrashing

rocks cascading down

The melancholic cavern roof

cannot be seen


For the darkness is suffocating


There is

an eerie feeling of being watched

an unseen presence felt


For within the darkness two large eyes



The cavern dragon is here

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